German communities celebrate Purim

March 14, 2008

Here is a small selection of Purim parties will be going on in German communities this year. L’chaim!
(Hat tip: j-comm.de)


  1. So, how will you be spending your Purim?

  2. Well, I happen to be in Köln over Purim, where I will be with my family. I am not aware of any major Purim parties here, though I suspect there are some. This year, it is also especuially difficult to party, because Purim is on Friday. Thursday night I’ll be going out with my non-Jewish friends…
    What about yourself?

  3. Nothing special here. For how long will you be in Cologne? I’m going to Antwerp next week.

  4. I’m back in NY this Sunday. What’s going on in Antwerp? Haven’t been there for years (dont miss this place too much… ugliest town in europe…)
    eine fröhlichen purim allersseits!

  5. A freilachen purim!

    I’m just travelling for a couple of days; I should be in NYC in late June / early July.

    Have a safe trip!

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