German-Jewish businessman in Israel has success, but few friends

August 28, 2008

Daniel Jammer

Daniel Jammer


Was für ein Jammer! The English edition of Haaretz ran an interesting article about German-Jewish businessman Daniel Jammer, the owner of soccer club Maccabi Netanya. Although he “revived the club’s fortunes” – also by his recent hiring of German soccer legend Lothar Matthäus as coach – the people around him don’t seem to like him very much. They say Jammer is “micromanager, a solo flyer, hot-tempered, short-fused and endlessly suspicious, a man who absolutely hates it when people disagree with him.” Ouch. 

Jammer got to Netanya through Henry Meingarten, an Israeli of German origin, who served as chairman of Maccabi Germany, where Jammer had played as a boy. Jammer was already addicted to soccer by then, having bought Slovak soccer club FC Senec. He surprised Meingarten by telling him he wanted to immigrate to Israel and asked Meingarten to find him a club in Israel to buy.

Read the entire article here.


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