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New Media Project: The Last Yekke

June 12, 2008

A few months ago, I wrote a profile of Walter Schnerb, a German-Jewish bookbinder who fled the Nazis and settled in New York. I offered the article to The New York Times, but because the paper had just run an article about a Jew with a similar story, it hesitated to print my piece as well. Eventually, they shortened my article considerably and ran it under the title “As an Age Recedes, a Craftsman Soldiers On.” Their version focused on Schnerb being a bookbinder and left out any substantial description of his character and his community.

But Mr. Schnerb is too interesting a person to be reduced to 300 words. So I took all my leftover reporting, added some new media elements and created The Last Yekke, a fuller portrait of not only the man, but the German-Jewish community he represents so well. Please see for yourself by clicking on the photo.