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“No future for me:” Why young Germans in New York don’t want to go back

February 7, 2008

As the spring semester unfolds, hundreds of Jewish foreign student in their last semester on American campuses start worrying about their future in this country. Visa restrictions make it increasingly harder for non-Americans to stay in the U.S. after graduation. The interesting question is, however: Why do so many young Jews leave their home countries to come here? Most Jewish students from Europe and Latin America come from wealthy or at least comfortable backgrounds. Also, many of them grew up in thriving Jewish communities. Or did they? An article that appeared a while ago in the Jerusalem Post tells the story of three German and two French Jews who came to New York to study and decided to stay. While some had no problems getting the required papers, for others it was – and still is – very difficult. But apparently the hardships are worth it, because nobody wants to go back.

One thing was always clear to Nowbakht: He would not stay in Germany, although he said he enjoyed his childhood there. “It’s tough to live in Germany as an Orthodox Jew. There’s no future for me there.”

Luckily, he had no serious problems obtaining a work visa. One of his friends, also from Germany, did not fare as well:

The 25-year-old, who withheld his name because he is currently “unlawfully present” in America, spent about $17,000 on legal fees, appealing and reapplying, but to no avail.

Read the entire article here.